at the James Valley Threshermen's Park

In the Beginning…..

In 1999, it was time to look for a church that could be moved to James Valley Thresher’s Park for Sunday services during the Show. The North Highland Methodist Church, in Aberdeen, was building a new church and wanted to find someone who needed a small white country church, and would make use of their lovely old, but in very good condition church. The two parties met and decided that the Threshers could have the church.

The JVT were excited when the movers loaded it, left Aberdeen and headed east to take it to Threshermen’s Park in Andover. It arrived with a crack in the plaster, but after a cleaning and adding a few accessories it was ready for services.

The Service….

The Rollag Rovers from Rollag, Minnesota led the Service with Dave Peterson, a Lay Preacher, giving the message, with several other musicians from Rollag providing the music and leading the singing. For the next three years they came to Andover to help with the JVT Show, and lead the church services and help with many other activities.

Since then we’ve had local Pastors fill the pulpit. Loren Seifken, Conde Lay Preacher came for the next three years; Steven Swenson, a retired Pastor from Bristol for the following four years. In 2011 Gary Compton, Chaplain at Avera St. Luke’s Hospital, Aberdeen spoke to us. In 2012 we had a very informal service led by Betty Jensen and her son, Douglas.

Disaster Strikes…..

In 2008 on July 31st, a bad storm came through the area and took off the steeple, and rolled over the new steel roof before crashing to the ground. The storm left a gaping hole in the roof and damage was great. A new steeple was built the next year and all the sheet rock was replaced in the balcony and the narthex. There was much to deal with before the Show in 2011 but it was accomplished.

Come see the photos inside the church, and see if you recognize the people who did the work. There will be someone on hand who is more than willing to tell you what we know about the church.

Come Visit…

During the Thresher’s weekend the church is always open all three days of the Show. Stop and visit us, but remember there is a Church service on Sunday morning at 9:30.

When people begin to fill the sanctuary on Sunday morning, there is a murmur as people greet each other. Then Alice begins to softly play well known hymns, along with the sounds of steam engines getting up as steam is coming through the open windows.

This must be a little bit of heaven…

The story of the church was written by Marion and Betty Jensen and Darla Larson