The James Valley Blacksmith Shop
by Verl Cutler

The James Valley Tractor Club at James Valley had the idea to build a Blacksmith Shop that closely resembles the original shop John Deere worked out of back in the day. Larry Hanson, a JV Tractor Club member, had a small building that he generously donated to the Club for this purpose.

The building was moved to Threshermen’s Park in Andover and set up next to the John Deere Shop. It was repaired, remodeled to suit the purpose, and viewing windows were added so show-goers could watch the blacksmith’s work inside.

Blacksmithing tools were acquired from the Spink county Highway shop, and fellow member and handyman Elwood Patterson donated a 1 1/2 hp gas motor to power the line shaft. More tools were donated by Lloyd Jark, and the club added the rest of the tools to make it a working shop.

During the Andover Threshing celebration, Elwood would fire up the forge and pound red hot iron into different articles. It is a great and popular addition to our show.