Old Time Tractor Pulling

Old Time Tractor Pulling

The Brown County Old Time Tractor Association has been coming to Andover for the James Valley Threshing Show for over 20 years. They began their organization over 25 years ago.

The tractor pullers would like the tractors to be about 50 years old or older, and they have nine different weight classes. They pull about 80-90 hooks during one show, which accounts for about 40-50 tractors. Sometimes one tractor can pull in two different weight classes. Sometimes they let the steam engine tractors pull for an exhibition, and the crowd always enjoys seeing them big engines smoke (pull hard).

The Brown County Old Time Tractor Association does 8-10 tractor pull shows during the year, including the annual James Valley Threshing Show.

Spectators gather on the left side of the Show Field to watch the competition and cheer on their favorites. The grandstand fills quickly but everyone finds a spot.

Kids have their own tractor pull too, held beside the Toy Chest.