Book | James Valley Threshing 4th Anniversary


1974 -2014
Our 40th anniversary was in 2014 and to celebrate it we create our book. It tells our members’ stories that not only celebrate our anniversary, but also the history of life in our region. The activities of farming in the early 1900’s – threshing, plowing, lumber sawing – shaped the world we live in now. It is a heritage to preserve, by restoring antique steam engines, tractors, trucks, cars and other farming equipment, and learning and demonstrating the skills to use them. The book also tells of early family life on the farm, when church worship and the old school house were the cultural centers, and heritage crafts such as quilting, spinning, weaving and food preparatiion were how a family’s daily needs were met. And the pastimes that entertained, from children’s toys to the music and dance that provided evening relaxation and weekend merriment.

The cover of the book is graced with Terry Redlin’s “Building a Community”. Terry was inspired to paint this picture when he attended a James Valley Threshing Show, and saw how the old sawmills were instrumental in building the early communities.

The inspiration for the picture and its significance to the artist is explained in “Building the Community”:

As the whirling blade’s sharp sound cuts through the forest night, Terry Redlin invites us to revisit an earlier era in America’s past. Deep in the woods felled trees are gathered and slowly hauled to the sawmill. An old steam tractor rattles and groans, puffing out its power. The raw cut lumber piles higher and higher in the open shed. It will be stored here to cure for a while, then delivered to waiting lumberyards in nearby towns.

“This painting was a challenge,” the artist comments,”because I needed to combine several sources of light. Hopefully the eye moves easily from one area of bustling activity to another.”

The book cover features Terry Redlin's "Building a Community":

To order: send your name and address with a check payable for $30 plus $5.80 for shipping per book (South Dakota residents add sales tax) to:

James Valley Threshing Association
100 South 1st St.
Andover, SD 57422


—————–Table of Contents—————–

Schedule of Activities
Founding Fathers
Looking Back Over the Trail – 40 years
From the President
First Time In Andover
Harold Brown Family Sawmill
David Fie’s Case Rarity
A 12 Year Old’s View of Steam
A Ford For All Seasons
Small Scale Collection
Steam Power – Largest Steam Plowing Demonstration
A Sea of Red
Carl Johnson Legacy
Going Green
Two Cylinder Club History
Tractor Pull at Andover
History of the Gas Station
Saving the 1909 Huppmobile
Horse Power
Threshing in the “Good Ol’ Days”
America is Andover Threshing
Gaar Scott and Company – Engine #15527
150 HP Project
Heating Up Iron in the Blacksmith Shop
Memories of How Our Freedom Was Won
The History of the Cook Car
A Farmwife’s View
Busy Day In Dollville
Collecting Beaded and Vintage Purses
Spinners and Weavers
Toy Chest
Kid’s Tractor Pull
Big Kids/Little Kids
Former Student Donates Rural School He Attended
Physical Education in the Early 1900’s
Our School Marms
The Tin Dipper
Music in Andover
A Family Tradition
A Church and It’s Journey
A Baptism at Thresherman’s Park Church
For the Love of Mikey
Preserving our Heritage Crafts
Feed Bin History
Lazy Farmer’s 4-H Story
The Lion’s Club
The General Store
Our Gate Keepers
Fun at Andover
Projects of Growth and Improvements
Little Town
Honor Roll of Deceased Members
Thank you


Our book would not have been possible without the generous support of the outstanding businesses and organizations in our surrounding communities. Many have purchased advertising in our book, and we thank every one of them! We are pleased to present their advertisements here on our website.

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