Farm Toys and Dolls Display

Farm Toys and Dolls Display

2019 Featuring – Massey Harris & Canadian Farm Literature!

The idea of adding the TOY SHOW was proposed in 1989, by members Selmer and Colleen Anderson, Burdell and Muriel Bohn, and Harold and Lorraine Yoder. They wanted a place that they could exhibit some of their collections, and for anyone else that had old and unusual toys, dolls, or other things of interest to display.

In 1990, Burdell decided to donate his old grade school building, which he had previously acquired. The building was built about 1889. Burdell attended¬† the school in the 1930’s after his father attended the school in the 1890’s, so it was significant to Burdell. He was surprised and pleased to find some of the original attendance records and student reports in the school when he obtained the building. Among the papers were his father’s records. These papers are now displayed in the Toy Chest at Thresher’s Park. Some of the original desks from Burdell’s school are now in use to furnish the School House in the James Valley Thresher’s Park.

The building was remodeled in 1993 to serve as the Threshermen’s Park Toy Chest to display extensive toy collections, mostly farm equipment, steam toys, and dolls.

Many people display their toys and dolls to make the Toy Chest show one that everyone enjoys, young and old. New and unusual items are always welcome.

Burdell and Muriel Bohn and helpers will welcome you to the Toy Show, and answer any questions visitors have about the building, and the toys and dolls on display. They keep the TOY CHEST a delightful place to see.