Collection of Gary and Linda Anderson

Approximately thirty Ford tractors stand as sentinels, “guarding” the Gary and Linda Anderson home. Turning in the driveway, there is no doubt that the Andersons obviously have a Ford for any and all seasons.

The welcome sign, with a four-wheel drive Ford tractor painted on it, invites family, friends, and visitors to see the amazing collection of Ford tractors owned by the Andersons. “I’ve been driving a Ford tractor since I was six years old, helping my father in the field,” Gary said.

Gary and Linda Anderson had attended the threshing bee in Andover yearly, and became more involved in 2000 when he began restoring Ford tractors. In 2004, Ford tractors were featured at the show.

Their granddaughters, Hillary and Hope have driven tractors in the parade for several years. Their sons, Troy and Todd have driven when they could. One year the boys surprised Gary and Linda by putting up a homemade Ford sign on their barn while they were at the show.

“We drive our tractors in the daily parade at the threshing show, getting some help from others.” Gary said. “Of course, my wife Linda drives tractors too, just like she does to help with the field work. We’ve had as many as 18 different tractors at the threshing show. Now we usually average between ten to twelve at each show.”

Gary enjoys visiting with the people who come see his tractors at the show. People with the same interests. He says, “We’ve taken our tractors to other shows, but call Andover our home show”.