Garrett’s Story

By Garrett, 12

Hello, my name is Garrett. I am 12 years old and currently a 7th grader. I first attended the events in Andover in 2012 and had the time of my life.

When I first got into the town of Andover, I was amazed because the town was so small with a population of only 99 people. I live in a town of 400+ and thought that I lived in a small town but it is big compared to Andover. The second thing I saw was the amazing old hotel.

I thought it was so cool, but as we pulled into the threshing grounds, I instantly knew we would have an amazing time. During my time in Andover I got to meet and help Donna get things ready for the quilt show. Kevin then showed me around and we got to see his old cars. My favorite was the little bus, it was so cool.

Imagine my surprise while sleeping the first night when a train rumbled through town, it was about 1:00 AM, but I was told that this happens every night. This was a new experience for me because I don’t live anywhere near railroad tracks, but I quickly fell asleep again.

In the morning my grandma and I went and helped set up quilts.

The best part of the whole day was getting to drive a steam engine and talking to some of the steamer boys. It was awesome and I loved every minute. Then came the parade. I got to drive a steam engine and almost took out the Feed Bin, but the guy I was riding with, helped me steer clear so I didn’t have an accident.

So all in all I had an amazing time.

Had Garrett been around to visit Andover in 1911, there would have been steamers.