by Donna Anderson


The Heritage Craft Building’s purpose is to preserve and show the many skills our ancestors developed so creatively.The Heritage Quilts and Crafts Show was started in 1994 by Marvel Washnok, Darlene Jaeger and Ardath May. It is now continued by Donna Anderson, Marvella Shatter, Lois Ahschlager, and the Aberdeen Quilt Guild.

During the show, many workers and exhibitors can be found demonstrating various crafts and skills used by our ancestors. Over 100 quilts and crafts are exhibited each year. Over the years, we have featured many different kinds of quilts and heritage craft items, but always welcome all quilts and crafts. We have featured Christmas quilts and crafts, Sun Bonnet Sue, Redwork, Patriotic, Floral Fancies and Needlework, Vintage quilts, Handbags and Hats, Children’s quilts and toys, Star quilts, Tie quilts and crafts, Anniversary quilts, Yo-Yo quilts and crafts, Two Color quilts, Crazy quilts and Yarn work, quilts for Men, Batiks and Antique Irons and Ironing Boards, and Embroidery and applique. For the 2015 show we featured Antique Cars and Trucks, Art quilts, log cabin quilts and original art. For the 2016 show, our theme was Open.

The theme for the 2017 show is Modern quilts, Game and Organizing quilts and crafts.

Throughout the three days of the show, several of our members volunteer to demonstrate their skills in the showroom, and chat with visitors. We have trunk show programs featuring many talented ladies from around the state.

Ongoing demonstrations of sewing on an antique treadle machine are given by Marvella, Maryann Gusinius, and Bonnie Osten, and Lois demonstrates hand quilting. Denise Brown and Marvella can be found sewing up something during the show and helping others understand the fun of quilting. Maryann demonstrates Swedish weaving.

The Heritage Crafts activities provide a welcome opportunity to discuss techniques and patterns and fabrics and sewing machines and other topics of interest.

We always appreciate the support of our local quilters and quilt guild members in setting up and taking down the show. The best part of the show is getting together with friends and having that common thread of quilting and crafts.