The International Harvester Tractors of Mick and Carol Osterman

The International Harvester Tractors
of Mick and Carol Osterman

Everyone needs a hobby, especially in retirement. Mick and Carol Osterman started on their “hobby” when Mick bought a 4100 International crop tractor. Even though International Harvesters are mostly red in color, this 4100 was yellow. Tractors used as “demonstrators” are painted white until they have been sold.

Upon entering the building that houses the Osterman collection, it is immediately obvious that this shed contains a very large number of tractors. Mick admits, “There are more than 40 tractors altogether. The oldest one I have is from 1941 with the newest being from 1980. I have eighteen different cubs built since 1947. Every time the style changes I buy one with the new change.”

One of the more unusual tractors that the Ostermans own is an orchard tractor. This tractor allows the orchard owner to fit in between the rows of trees while it protects the working parts of the tractor from the branches.

The Ostermans and a story about their yellow 4100 International crop tractor were in the Red Power Magazine, a bi-monthly publication devoted to International harvesters. Because of the Ostermans’ interest in and large collection of tractors, they are members of the South Dakota IH Collectors Chapter #21.

Mick also has model tractors for nearly every tractor he owns. On his “wish list” is a V8 International.

The Ostermans have been in twelve different James Valley Threshing Shows and take several tractors each year. Their collection is always a sight to behold at James Valley.